French Drains

Every French Drain System, installed by Homeward Environmental, Includes permanent debris boxes, cleanouts, and turf restrictor plates, at least every 50 feet. This small technique will separate a 2 year french drain, from a 20 year french drain. Our French Drain systems all come warrantied if installed to our specifications. We are highly skilled and trained in this field. Allow our Homeward Pros to evaluate a groundwater evacuation system for you!

french drains

French drains are a vital solution for residential homes seeking effective water management. A square-shaped trench is dug to accommodate a slotted pipe, which is installed with a gentle 1% pitch to ensure efficient water flow. The trench is emptied of native soils and lined with filter fabric before filling with clean stone, which promotes optimal drainage and prevents clogging. Backfilling with clean stone maintains the integrity of the drainage system. Once completed, the trench is topped with sod to blend seamlessly into the yard. Properly sizing the pipes based on anticipated water volume is crucial, as is opting for a slotted pipe rather than a knife-cut design to prevent sediment infiltration and ensure long-term effectiveness. French drains thus provide a reliable method to safeguard residential properties against water damage while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the landscape.

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